"Restless lyrics and shameless ear-candy music, from our garage to your hearts and minds..."

Writing, recording, publishing and video for original music in any genre

Performing sweet spots are Americana, reggae, worldbeat, and spoken word

The Ladybits is an indie rock trio playing original music that is equal parts folk, punk, and art-noise.

Sugar City is a four-piece band playing a blend of original roots rock, alt-country, and reggae cooked up in an East Orlando garage.

The Sugar City Sideshow is an Americana reggae collaboration with Billy Geoghegan and Sergei Schwarzkopf, releasing new. material on Sergei's Studio Long Board label based in Hamburg, Germany. 

Conjunto Kimbombó presents classic and original Cuban neo-folk music served up by Jorge Milanés, Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés, Kevin Meehan, and Victor Milanés.  

Email: sugarcitymusic@gmail.com

Intragram: @sugarcitymusic_