Step right on up....

Welcome to the Sugar City Sideshow, our unholy alliance of Americana and reggae.  

Check out our debut album released in February 2020 by Studio Longboard Records 


In Summer 2018, Kevin Meehan hit the acoustic circuit with Billy G, known for his work with Contra Coup, The Stingers, ATX, and as a music doer who has helped countless acts develop everything from studio recordings and record releases to video production, live performance, and booking tours. 


While touring European cafes, pubs, and even a festival in Hamburg, Germany, they hooked up with Sergej Schwarzkopf of Studio Longboard. The vibes were sweet enough that Kevin, Billy and Sergei reconvened in February 2019 to record a full length set with multi-sax wizard Mark Wilson at Rob Whitehead's Tweak Freq Studio in Austin, TX. 

Their full length release, "The Sugar City Sideshow," dropped in February 2020.


"Falling from the Edge"